Jungle Experience - Jungle Sessions #001 Mat.Joe


  • 29th July 2017
  • by Jungle Experience

Tracks from Italian DJ Producer Luigi Rocca and his three highly successful labels, Hotfingers, Tuamotu and 303Lovers have been blasting coconuts from trees and tearing holes in the dense vegetation surrounding our event on many occasions over the years Jungle Experience has been in operation! This August we bring the man himself into our infamous cat head booth for the first time. Excitement amongst the tribe is reaching fever pitch!

Hailing from Torino, Italy Luigi Rocca runs three of the most acclaimed labels in scene over the past 10 years, alongside Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji. As a regular global touring DJ, Luigi has emerged as a true heavy weight player performing at some of the worlds most renowned events and parties, where his universally appreciated skills behind the CDJs has earned him repeat bookings throughout the globe on a regular basis.

As his bio reads : When the likes of Tiƫsto, Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Bob Sinclar, Dubfire and the notoriously impenetrable territory of Chilean megastar Ricardo Villalobos have all supported your music, it is perhaps fair to say that your sound is something of a mystifying one to pigeonhole. In the case of Luigi Rocca that is exactly the problem many have had when attempting to label his myriad of releases from over the years. With a back catalogue that stretches well beyond 200 releases, Luigi (also known as Marshall) has managed to reach virtually every corner of the electronic musical spectrum that is humanly possible.

Undeterred by his lifelong drive to fuse the elements of house and techno, Luigi has spent the past 10 years pushing his sound direct from his studio in Turin to dancefloors all around the world. It was this dedication, forged with a comparable high-spirited passion of Alex Kenji and Manuel De Le Mare, which led to the formation of the trios chart topping imprints Hotfingers and 303Lovers. An acting co-owner with Alex and Manuel, Luigi finds time not only to pursue his own musical drives but also expand those of both future and established talent through the ever growing reach of these two recording imprints. To date all two labels have amassed a string of high profile releases and have under their respective umbrellas released material from a wide selection of artists that include John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Zoo Brazil, Wally Lopez, Sam Paganini, Pleasurekraft and Piemont. All of whom are a testament to the labels early dominance of the European music scene.

We cant wait to welcome him to the Jungle for what is sure to be yet another event to remember!