Jungle Experience - Jungle Sessions #001 Mat.Joe

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Kuma - Kamagra EP

Shibiza Recordings is the only Tehran-Iran based independent record label founded by DJ Ferry in 2012. Inspired by many famous Persians such as Dubfire, Pleasurekraft duo (half Iranian), Sharam, Omid 16B, Namito, Behrouz, Nima Gorji, Sharam Jey, Sharooz, Darius Syrussian,... the new label will mostly focus on Iranian artists around the world, showing their innate talent for music despite being suppressed by a closed society. At a time where the name of its home country Iran is mongered in main-stream media, the label is very proud of presenting a less-seen side of its nation. The word 'Shibiza' stems from the two places 'Shemshak' in Iran and the famous 'Ibiza', two places with paradoxical demographics, but an even sensation for house music.

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